Play the classics Breakout game directly from the web

The Breakout is one of the best classic video games ever invented and because of its popularity; the game has given inspiration to different versions of the game. Another advancement of the game is its invasion on the internet. There are now a lot of online versions of the game that most breakout fan play with and these types of breakout classic games presents a different kind of challenges that makes the game more interesting.

What does the game features?

The breakout game features almost the same thing in all other version. There bricks that are multicolored floating on top of the screen. These multicolored bricks also have corresponding points that the player will get every time the brick is hit by the ball that is being tossed around to hit and clear all the bricks. Another very familiar feature of this game is the bat. The bat is a short platform at the bottom of the screen which can be controlled by the player by moving the mouse. The bat moves horizontally in order to deflect the ball that is used to clear all the bricks.

Initiating the Breakout Game

At the start of the game, the ball is placed on top of the bat at the bottom of the screen. The player will then click the left button of the mouse to launch the ball into where the bricks are and start hitting it one brick at a time until all the bricks are cleared from the top of the screen. Once the ball is on the air, the player then must quickly react to where the ball will fall so as not to lose a turn. Every time the ball will fall the player will lose one turn. As the start of the game the player will only have three turns to play with.

As the game progresses to a different level, the placements of the bricks are also different from the previous levels. The change in the arrangement of the bricks also poses a degree of difficulty much harder than that of the previous levels. The different patterns of the bricks in the breakout game are stimulating the player’s problem solving skills and enhance the player’s reaction time as well.

Another interesting addition to the game is the power ups that can be extracted from few selected bricks once it gets hit by the ball. The player then needs to catch these power ups once they fall so as to have a sort of advantage over the game. There is power up that makes the bat longer so that the player will be able to cover a larger area of the screen in catching the ball. There is a power up that transforms the bat into a turret which the player can use to shoot the bricks down. The turret bat can be activated to shoot by clicking the mouse left button.

Overall, the breakout game is one of the best classic games ever created that up until now it is still popular and there have been some developments that make the breakout game a compatible game for handheld devices. It can be said that the breakout game is now a classic game that will be forever available for the upcoming generations to play.

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