Multiple Versions of Breakout

It is known that the breakout game has already inspired developers and they have also generated their own version of the breakout game. Most of the breakout game available online and as downloadable applications are truly based on the original however, there are certain elements that were added or changed in order to feature a different taste of the game. Although breakout is unique among other games, it still amazing to note that there a lot of clone games that is based on the program and plat form of the original break out game. It just shows that the breakout game is often quoted as an inspiration for new and upcoming games.

The Clone, a better version of breakout

The way that these versions of breakout are presented is unique from one another and that is why these games are also popular and fun to play with. However, it is expected that these versions of the game also features a ball, bat and bricks but these features may be presented in a different way but their overall function is ultimately the same. The goal of the game remains the same and that’s clearing all the bricks floating on the screen. Additions like power ups and other cool in game surprises should be expected as well because the designers of these breakout versions also thought of new things to incorporate into their newly developed game.

Ultimately, the breakout versions that we usually play today may not be the original but just a clone of it. However, the fun and excitement that we get out of it is indescribable and that is why we always want to get the newest version of the breakout game. Furthermore, it is quite exciting to experience something that we have so much expectation with and we are thrilled to get that feeling as well.

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