The Breakout Game’s Benefits for elderly

It clearly not bad at all if we see older people play video games but it sure is fun to watch what they do with the games as well. However, most elderly does not engaged themselves with video games because they say, were already of for those game. It may be true that they are old, but according to a research they are not too old to play video games. A recent study reveals that elderly individuals can greatly benefit from playing video games. Simple and easy video game that has enough in them to stimulate the brain of a human being like the breakout game is very beneficial for an elderly’s mental capacity.

Here are the five benefits that elderly will gain if they play video games a few times every week.

  • Fun – having fun playing video games will eventually enhance the elderly’s cognitive ability. This is perhaps one of the abilities that a human being has that will declines together with advanced age.
  • Encourage multitasking – we all know that games require players to do one thing at a time. The older generation is really unable to adapt to that anymore but I they are exposed to video games and they are guided accordingly in playing these games, they will eventually regain the ability to multitask once again.
  • Memory recall – generally, it is very known that games like breakout and other simple games helps prevents Alzheimer’s disease and other related conditions.
  • Sharpens mind – although elderlies do not really engaged in any mental activities, playing video games will make their minds sharper. This can be evaluated by having conversations with them and evaluating their reasoning ability.
  • Improves hand to eye coordination – less mobile people like the elderly will gradually gain their ability to coordinate their movements. Even though the game mainly affects the eye and hand movement, this will encourage the elderly to work on other physical attributes which will ultimately make them more mobile.

Overall, we might have doubts with this method of improving the lives of our elderlies but who are we to prevent any method of making their lives more worth living.

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