The worth of an old game

Breakout game was created way back in 1972 by a gaming brand called Atari. This game was one of the most influential games during that era and has been popular ever since. Initially, it was released as an arcade game which was called Pong. Since then, the popularity of the game became worldwide and the platform of the game was used as an inspiration for the games that came after breakout. Furthermore, the breakout game also inspired Steve Jobs to create the now multimillion dollar company, Apple.

Encountering some Problems

Overtime, the breakout game became the standard of most arcade games that have been released in the year following its release and it couldn’t be denied that there were a lot of breakout game clones that have been produce since then. Apparently, before everything went smoothly for the breakout game, there were a few road blocks which hindered the game to be published. Obviously, one main reason was, when the designers of the game and the publishers didn’t agree with the specifications of the contract about the game, the designers withdraw from the agreement and created their own way to publish the first ever breakout game.

Once the breakout game was released with the name Breakout, gamers were flocking malls and other gaming center to have a taste of this new game. Its simple gameplay is one of the attractions of the game and the colorful features were also highly appreciated. Moreover, once the game was already released and players were enjoying themselves with it, other developers were attracted to it and have made the breakout game as an inspiration and they designed their own game and published it as well.

The value of this old game is not really appreciated in our age today. It is really unfortunate that other games that got its inspiration from the breakout game and the creators of these so called clones get too much credit than that of the original creator which should not happen at all.

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